Success Stories

Building Intellectual Capital is a passion that’s inside everyone at Northforge. Here are examples of how our experts push the limits and how customers view their success.

From our Experts…

Secure Service Sharing Technology

— F.L., Software Developer

A customer was moving to newer OCTEON chips from Cavium to produce faster and more efficient version of their best-in-market consumer product, and we applied our vast knowledge in Wi-Fi open source, Linux kernel, access points and our Cavium experience to allow them ...
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Network Security Technology

Our customer, a leading networking component provider, asked us to make design modifications to support OpenSSL DTLS (Datagram Transport Layer Security), so that UDP traffic processed by their hardware is as secure as TCP traffic. The project would be validated against their baseline test suite, including the ...
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Deep Traffic Monitoring Technology

— C.C., Software Designer

When a customer came to Northforge needing to enable the use of one network services processor (NSP) in sharing mode between two or more NSPs, affecting the device lookups and configuration transactions with minimal delay, they also came with high expectations. Besides satisfying ...
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Broadcom Trident II+ Switch

— M.R., Northforge Software Developer

As bandwidth requirements increase, networking companies need to keep pace in order to stay competitive. One Broadcom customer using a Trident II switch needed to upgrade their uplink capability from 10G to 100G to support their higher bandwidth needs in IPTV. ...
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Broadcom SDK

— L.G., Northforge Technical Team Lead

When a Broadcom customer couldn’t achieve the desired quality of service (QoS) behavior they expected from their Broadcom chipset, they were advised by Broadcom to upgrade their SDK. That’s when the customer came to us at Northforge to handle their SDK upgrade problem ...
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From our Customers…

Network Monitoring Equipment: Building a Long-Term Relationship

You know that you’re taking care of your customer when they’ve been a customer for 6+ years and they hand over complete architecture projects to your software development experts because you’ve gained their trust. That’s the case with a leader in the network ...
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Intelligent Call Centers: Becoming Part of the Team

An intelligent call center company needed to integrate with a new voice application platform while deploying their own product in a new architecture. They needed to supplement their team and bring in software developers with Java experience in order to make the ...
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IDS/IPS: Depth of Experience

Northforge’s experts in network security are showing their chops in Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) to many communications companies.  In one example, Northforge is providing an IDS system to a global provider of SBCs. The proof of concept for the project is ...
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Tellabs – Broadcom’s StrataDNX™

Telecommunications Service Provider

“Having earned my respect for their technical expertise, I recommend Northforge Innovations as Broadcom’s StrataDNX Authorized Development Collaborator (ADC).  As Broadcom’s ADC, Northforge has been supporting Tellabs’ StrataDNX development activities for several months. They have demonstrated their StrataDNX knowledge, expertise and ability to resolve issues in a timely manner.

Northforge’s direct communication channel to Broadcom provides an excellent tier of support that makes all parties very efficient, similar to having a dedicated StrataDNX FAE accessible any time needed.”

Tom Dobozy, Director of Engineering

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