Security in a Network – Critical Needs for Critical Business Times

Network security is an important issue for network providers, enterprises, service providers White Paper, Critical Needs for Critical Business Timesand individuals. Network attacks keep changing so there’s no magic answer to providing protection. Security attacks are software-based, and therefore security solutions must be software-based. Understanding what security really means and understanding how to develop systems and specialized software that can protect against attacks on the network requires specialized experience and expertise, whether it’s data security or infrastructure security, is one of Northforge’s key areas of expertise.

Northforge Innovations is one of the few companies with expertise in a broad range of network security areas and experience assisting clients in a wide range of industries in designing, implementing, and testing network software capabilities for intrusion detection, DDoS mitigation, and a variety of other applications.

To develop infrastructure security solutions, substantial and specialized software expertise is needed. Understanding the different types of attacks and the best current practices for how to mitigate them is just the first step. The solutions require a suite of application-layer and embedded software ideally based on proven and available software tools such as SNORT, TSTAT, NAVL, BRO, etc. In addition, a successful implementation requires specific experience with the processors used to implement the solutions, especially DPI solutions. Northforge Innovations is a development partner with both Cavium and Broadcom.

MACsec Tech Brief

MACsec Tech Brief

Need help? Northforge has handled many network security projects including:

  • Wireless Network Intrusion Detection System
  • Reusable 802.1x/802.11i solution for OEM protocol stack products
  • Email and Web Defense System
  • Mobile compliance monitoring software


To handle these types of projects, we have extensive network security experts which involve:

  • Security and Compliance: Network Security Development | Firewall Security | Authentication Solutions | Intrusion Detection & Prevention
  • Intrusion Detection Systems, RF Design and Security
  • Wireless networks intrusion detection and IDS management systems