There’s Always Something New

We know networking and protocols. We know how to build network services and applications from scratch, how to extend them, how to integrate them, and how to use them. We have built state machines and test harnesses too.

Northforge has extensive project experience in this space, here are some project examples:

  •  HD Streaming Video System
  • Home/SMB VoIP Gateway and Network Services
  • PacketCable Commercial (SMB) Services

VoLTE and IMS Communication Feature Enhancements Northforge has the expertise to take on many Network Services and Application projects involving:IP and Network Services:

  • IP Communications | Network Integration| Remote access &Remote Device Management | VideoOverIP Networks | Surveillance |
  • VoIP Protocols: SIP | SDP I H.323 | MGCP | SCTP | Sigtran | RTP | RTCP | and more
  • 3GPP technologies: IMS | VoLTE | PacketCable
  • TCP/IP protocol suite