Northforge has developed a highly customizable Element Management System (EMS) framework for cloud or premise-based applications which can be used for virtually any EMS/NMS requirement.  The value of our EMS? – It’s designed to dramatically reduce EMS development time, keeping your project and your go-to-market strategy on track.

We call it CommandEMS

CommandEMS is 75% of a complete EMS, with the remaining 25% of the framework customizable to your specifications. By leveraging CommandEMS and the expertise of Northforge engineers, you can significantly reduce your element management system development time.   www.commandems.com


Why CommandEMS?

  • Customizable and rapidly deployable (75% ready)
  • IP Device Agnostic
  • Scalable to 1000s of devices
  • OS-independent
  • Component-based technology framework
  • Modern and intuitive user interface (browser based)
  • Easily adaptable for changing standards


CommandEMS Components

  • Fault Manager
  • Configuration Manager
  • Performance Manager
  • Security Manager
  • Database Manager
  • Device Interface Adapter
  • Device Communications
  • Log and Trace Facility
  • J2EE Application Server Integration


CommandEMS Product Overview

Learn more about CommandEMS – Click to download our CommandEMS Product Brochure