Rapid Prototyping Model

Preparing to migrate your technology application the cloud is challenging.  Conceptualizing everything from interface design to functionality is difficult even for the most advanced developers and product engineers.

That’s where Northforge Innovations’ RPM – Rapid Prototype Model is invaluable for creating a working model of your application in as little as two weeks.  RPM helps address the variables and engineering challenges of any cloud migration project by developing a functional model of the application in advance of full-on development.

RPM delivers:

  • A functional prototype of the application allowing for further conceptualization of design or advancement of application build requirements
  • Product roadmap planning  – enabling product managers to define requirements for current and future application releases
  • Cost analysis of advancing project development allowing you to define necessary and nice to have feature sets and associated costs for every aspect of development
  • A usable product demo for internal review and evaluation from customers and technology partners allowing you to alter features and functionality in advance of finalizing design and development strategy