Every Step, Every Change

Northforge Innovations offers technical documentation solutions for any of our project applications. Our documentation solutions are defined from the project objectives to consistently meet our clients’ expectations.

Modern technology development requires high-quality and highly accurate documentation to maintain a standard of concise, error-free, and clear user-centered documentation, allowing users to maximize value from your software investment. Our accomplished technical writing team, comprised of Technical Writers and Documentation Project Managers, is continually focused on providing comprehensive documentation services with every technical iteration and update throughout the project.

To ensure high quality of user guides and technical manuals, we follow a proven methodology for our technical documentation services:

Requirements Gathering

User Audience Review
Gather product knowledge through source docs and presentations
Gather technical information and additional details from Northforge and Client teams

Analysis and Design

Analyze project documents
Design document plan
Design templates or modify existing documentation templates
Define structure, layout and look and feel elements

Content Creation and Review

Create accurate user-centric content
Peer review, Technical Review and Functional Review]
Client team review
Review feedback and incorporation of feedback into documentation
Prepare final documentation

Delivery and Deployment

Final document team review
Obtain Sign-off
Deployment of docuementation