The Cloud Evolution

What were once only “promises” of the value of the cloud are now the new reality of technology infrastructure in an increasingly “mobile” world.  Expanding bandwidth and advancements in virtualization technology, coupled with enterprises’ needs to cut costs and do more with less, mean that organizations are giving cloud computing serious consideration. Customer spending on cloud computing is growing.

Northforge has combined its technical expertise in cloud computing/SaaS software development with its extensive network infrastructure experience to deliver multiple Cloud and SaaS technology projects.  We understand the design, development and UI requirements to take the nebulous out of your next cloud-based project.

Northforge has extensive project experience in this space.   Here are some project examples:

  • Security (email, web) as a Service
  • Cloud-based ordering and provisioning management system using Parallels Automation
  • Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Outbound Notification using Cloud-based IVR

Northforge has the expertise to take on many Network Services and Application projects involving:

  • Parallels Automation
  • Self Service administration portals
  • Call Center | IVR
  • SaaS services | Scalability | Security


The Cloud Value:

Cloud computing positively impacts costs in two main ways. The first is through economies of scale. Cloud service providers can deliver expertise, standardized components and practices with massive scalability at a far lower cost than individual companies can achieve on their own. The second benefit is the pay-for-use model. You no longer need to over-provision and invest additional CapEx into data and bandwidth capacity in anticipation of future growth or insurance against unpredictable usage increases or spikes. You can also reach customers that are constrained by CapEx by offering your product using the SaaS model.