Innovative Development = Engaging Applications

The combination of mobile devices (e.g. Smartphones, Tablets) and mobile applications is revolutionizing the way consumers and professionals interact. Northforge’ knowledge of user technical expectations, graphical user interface (GUI) design, testing capabilities, voice communications, and data communications gives us an edge in the development of mobile applications. As user demands for mobile applications surges, so does demand for our services.

NorthNotes™ by Northforge Innovations

NorthNotes is a note taking application developed by Northforge for Android-based Tablets and Smartphones.

NorthNotes showcases our expertise in developing highly usable mobile apps that over come the constraints of operating system, screen real estate, memory, battery life—and more. NorthNotes’s intuitive interface helps the consumer, business professional or student learn how to use the app very quickly. Icons appear at the top and bottom of the screen leaving ample real estate for note taking and drawing. NorthNotes is a time saving solution that is convenient, practical, and reduces paper consumption.

NorthNotes™ Offers

  • Choice: plain, lined, ruled, or graph digital paper
  • Variety: pen types, font sizes, colors, line/stroke thicknesses
  • Functions: create new page, save page, select, highlight, selectively erase strokes, copy/paste, zoom in/out, pan and move screen, undo/redo
  • Features: “Razor” allows user to split the screen and pull the split up and down to create more writing/drawing space. There is also a Help feature
  • Format: Pages are saved as vector-based graphic files (SVG format) ensuring images scale proportionally for zoom in/out
  • Free: NorthNotes is free.

You can download NorthNotes from the Android Market from your Android-based Tablet. In the first 180 days NorthNotes was downloaded over 10,000 times and has maintained a 4 star out of 5 rating.