The Development Differentiators

What makes Northforge better?  What differentiates us?  Why should you choose Northforge?

Innovation is always our first answer and it’s most apparent in Northforge’s Design Services.  Unlike outsource design services from overseas, we approach each customer project with idea of partnering and working with you  to build the optimal solution.  We actively look for ways to innovate and improve the project outcomes where other outsource companies will deliver what you task them with — nothing more AND often less.

Northforge is an established technology development company specializing in application development, cloud applications, mobile and network communications and smart phone applications across virtually every technical platform. We’ve literally worked on hundreds of applications development projects.

We have a successful track record built upon years of application development experience based on our advanced, team-collaboration mode.  Northforge integrates with your project teams from the outset, before project initialization, to identify your product and project goals; whether developing and introducing a new software product, or augmenting engineering and development services for existing products and new releases.

Working as an integrated part of your development team, we can perform all of the roles and fill your gaps to create an efficient and effective development process. From assessing the market and product requirements, creating a functional specification, software prototype, architecture, design, coding, unit integration, system integration, testing, quality assurance, field-testing all the way through to documentation, training, and support.

Northforge offers innovative technical development services in these key focus areas:

  • Mobile Apps

  • Cloud/SaaS
  • Network and Element Management
  • Test Automation
  • Unified Communications
  • Wireless & Video