Unified Communications

Bringing it all together, Northforge has the experience and project savvy for any Unified Communications development project — voice, email, instant messaging (IM), and all other communications platforms.


Northforge develops integrated data and voice services as well as data and video services.
Software development considerations include: CPU utilization, traffic prioritization, and bandwidth management.
Northforge provides expertise to develop High Availability networks.

Test Automation

Northforge explores innovative and cost-effective means for integrating and tying systems together to operate in a coordinated fashion to achieve test scenarios. We leverage techniques of massively parallel programming and grid computing to achieve faster test scenario execution. We develop adapters for commonly used and cutting edge test equipment, so that it can be controlled through an automation framework


Northforge creates layer 2 network simulation frameworks that can be adapted to different network infrastructures and protocols including co-existing data, voice, and video. The simulation frameworks can be deployed to a distributed environment for large scale network simulation.