Are you ready to be a step ahead of your competition? Do you want the experience of proven software development experts on your team? Are you looking for innovative ideas, disruptive technologies to give you that competitive edge and even patentable solutions?

Do what other successful technology companies do — whether they’re globally recognized leaders or emerging start-ups –when they need to start a project or need to accelerate an on-going development program. They engage with Northforge Innovations when they are challenged with their need for strong specialized development talent. Not just any team of consultants to fill a gap, but true software experts who understand how to solve your problems on time and with innovative and disruptive technologies, patentable solutions and more. Plus, our talented engineers and developers are supported by experienced, customer-focused project managers who follow our proven development and QA processes.

Why Northforge? Northforge has the Intellectual Capital to help companies like yours develop market leading, embedded software development solutions. We provide architecture and design consultations and software development solutions for many of the software industry’s most innovative companies. What can we accomplish for you?


Your Software Development Partner

Your business demands and expectations are always increasing, especially when it comes to developing disruptive solutions with shorter time-to-market expectations. You need that specialized talent that’s hard to find, and that’s where Northforge Innovations can be the answer. We understand our customer’s goals. We approach each project with a focus of innovation and with the goals to develop close partnerships between our teams and customers. Innovation is part of our company name because we actively look for ways to improve project outcomes. While other companies might deliver what you task them with – nothing more and often less – Northforge Innovations goes beyond the expected to deliver innovative approaches to your software development challenges.

Our successful track record is built upon years of successful project experience with companies just like yours. That’s due, in large part, to our hand-in-hand collaboration with our customers. We work with you to identify your product and project goals, whether it’s developing a game-changing software product or adding our engineering and development service resources to the products you already have in production.

It’s all about teamwork. We work as an integrated part of your development team. We can either provide all of the resources that you need or just fill in the gaps with our talented engineers and developers. Either way, you’ll have an efficient and effective development team.

And we’re agile. Both in our approach and process. We practice Agile development processes and our Rapid Prototype Model shortens the time to deliver the project and to reduce the total project cost. No more surprises. We maintain a transparent and controllable visibility at all phases of the project including acceptance criteria, iterative design/development and deliveries. We communicate consistently with you to assure that everyone’s on the same page on the project activity and how we are meeting your requirements.

Need an example? Northforge’s expertise in packet processing helps network communications companies to solve their challenges in implementing high performance packet switches and to provide solutions quickly to help them get to market faster. With our years of packet processing and network security experience, Northforge can help with deep packet inspection, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, quality of service and traffic management. We have extensive expertise in high-end switch solutions, including Broadcom switches and Cavium processors, and software switching using DPDK, OVS, etc.


Consult with Innovators

In addition to providing some of the best software development work in the industry, we provide architecture and design consultations in these focus areas: