AppDev – More than Mobile!

Engineering on the Move

– For Mobility, developing for devices is now the new standard for how employees, customers and consumers are engaging with you and your competitors technology. There are multiple choices available to develop, mange, resell and/or host products, however, it’s still an evolving technology and infrastructure which is why the right choices need to be taken at the initialization stage to ensure flexibility is integrated throughout the product and business sides of your company. Products available on mobile devices need to keep pace with the exponential revolution in technology and devices. However the majority of software products continue to be sold with the traditional on-premise deployment model.

Technology companies who have yet to transition to a SaaS delivery model face a number of challenges:

  • Engineering and maintenance of legacy technology
  • Integration of other vendors’ SaaS products with premise based technology
  • Increased competition and more competitive pricing models from new or evolved SaaS-based competitors

What are your challenges – add to our list or call us and see how we can help you address those challenges today and for the future.