Northforge Utilizes its DPDK Expertise to Develop High-Performance NFV Data Plane Applications

Intel’s Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) has emerged as the key enabler for building the high-performance data planes needed by network functions virtualization applications. DPDK is a set of software libraries and drivers that can be integrated with virtual network functions (VNFs) or into virtual switches (or both) for fast packet performance in a server powered by an Intel® architecture processor. DPDK, initially developed by Intel, is now a Linux Foundation open source project.

Communications service providers are turning to NFV to help improve the agility and lower the costs of their network services. DPDK is one of the critical underlying technologies that improves data plane throughput so that VNFs deliver the deterministic response like the legacy, appliance-based applications they are replacing. With a long list of DPDK project implementations, combined with years of network software technology expertise, Northforge works with companies seeking a performance edge for their NFV applications.

Download Intel Network Builder’s Solution Brief on Northforge’s work with DPDK applications.

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