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Northforge Innovations Expands its Network Infrastructure Software Development Services with Addition of New Subsidiary in Israel

Ottawa, ON – January 30, 2017 –Northforge Innovations, Inc., an expert software consulting and development company, today announced the establishment of a new subsidiary, Northforge Innovations Israel Ltd., which will extend and expand the company’s efforts to advance the security, speed and intelligence of the communications infrastructure.

The subsidiary, located near Tel Aviv, will provide Northforge with greater access to technologists with specialized network infrastructure expertise, particularly in cyber security. Northforge Innovations Israel Ltd. is a growing group of engineers and technologists who are providing software consulting and development services to Northforge’s customers.

“This subsidiary will bring additional Intellectual Capital to our expanding focus in network infrastructure and network security. Our Israeli team possesses our Intellectual Capital attributes of having passion towards every project and in approaching problem solving through increased performance,” said Brenda Pastorek, President and Chief Operating Officer of Northforge Innovations. “Plus with the addition of a presence in Israel to our offices in Canada, we are able to service our customers more effectively on a worldwide basis. Being in compatible time zones makes it easier to communicate and collaborate on high quality software development.”

About Northforge Innovations

Northforge Innovations is an expert software consulting and development company focused on advancing the speed, security, and intelligence of the communications infrastructure. We help customers bring innovation and quality to their network infrastructure, network security and multimedia systems products and services. For more information, visit

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