OTTAWA, CANADA, July 9, 2014 – Northforge Innovations, Inc., celebrates its 10th year anniversary this month as a provider of innovative software consulting and development services to the network communications market.

 Northforge has seen significant growth in revenue, profit and employee base, while expanding its development centers in Gatineau and Montreal, Quebec. Initially named MapleWorks Technology, Northforge provides expert consulting and development services in network infrastructure, network security and multimedia systems to more than 60 networking communications companies.

The decade has also been one of technology evolution and innovation for Northforge. This has been reflected by the advisory services and technological expertise, along with financial support, received from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) for the development of advanced technologies. Northforge has also been placed in the Account Executive Service program by the Canadian Revenue Agency which recognizes Northforge’s focus on enabling advanced technologies to help its customers to build products that are the basis for the Internet of Things.

“Our planned growth over the next 10 years will see us achieve a 10X increase in revenue and even greater growth in profit. This will be based on our intellectual capital in key technologies such as network infrastructure, multimedia systems, and security,” said Brenda Pastorek, president and chief operating officer of Northforge Innovations. “The key to this success is the Northforge staff of engineers who share a passion for delivering innovative solutions to the network communications industry.”