Intelligent Call Centers: Becoming Part of the Team

An intelligent call center company needed to integrate with a new voice application platform while deploying their own product in a new architecture. They needed to supplement their team and bring in software developers with Java experience in order to make the integration happen.

Northforge software developers became part of their development team, working closely with their customers to help improve their existing product. Our software developers on this Interactions project are highly skilled Java developers. Backed with years of troubleshooting expertise, our developers were able to identify the root cause of several production issues including the root cause of some memory leaks and thread contention issues. They helped to improve the performance test environment by identifying issues before they hit the production environment.

While Northforge was initially hired for one project three years ago, now the team has been integrated within the development team. Northforge team members are serving as strong contributors to the development of the product’s platform.

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