Expertise To Advance Network Communications

Intellectual Capital

What sets Northforge Innovations apart from the rest is our Intellectual Capital.

It’s how we look into the future of networking and how we develop our expertise today to meet the needs of tomorrow’s networks. Instead of only being focused on today’s requirements from our customers, we ask “what expertise will be needed for networks in the next few years.”

Our customers need to be ready to implement the latest technology advances and we will be ready with the expertise to help them with future challenges and their most complex issues. We employ top technical and project management talent to give our customers the Intellectual Capital they need for their network communications software development. Our Chief Architect reports directly to our President, ensuring a view into the future.

We aren’t satisfied with handling the simple problems. We excel when we are given a complex challenge, the kind of challenge that most companies shy away from. It’s that tough challenge that drives our passion for advancing network communications.

The challenge isn’t coding a basic application. Instead, give us the complex challenge of preventing DDoS attacks and when you need to increase performance by 10X. These are the challenges we excel at overcoming.

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