EMS – The window to your innovative network device!

Today’s intelligent devices and services offer advanced capabilities and need to be managed.  On board device management can work for one or two devices, but what happens when you sell 10, 100, 1000 or more devices?  A centralized Element Management System (EMS) is needed to collect, analyze and act upon fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security (FCAPS) information from network elements.  EMS systems can be built from scratch or a variety of open source and commercial frameworks can be used as a starting point.

Northforge has extensive project experience in this space.  Here are some project examples:

  • VoLTE Network Monitoring
  • Customizable framework for provisioning, revision control, monitoring, and reporting (CommandEMS)
  • Management and Policy Server for Secure Gateway
  • SNMP Master/Sub-Agent development for network devices

Northforge has the expertise to take on many Element Management projects involving:

  • FCAPS platform development
  • Embedded device agent development and instrumentation
  • EMS GUI Development
  • Southbound and Northbound Interfaces
  • Network Device management