Deep Traffic Monitoring Technology

— C.C., Software Designer

When a customer came to Northforge needing to enable the use of one network services processor (NSP) in sharing mode between two or more NSPs, affecting the device lookups and configuration transactions with minimal delay, they also came with high expectations. Besides satisfying the customer’s need, we wanted to provide a solution that exceeded their expectations, but the feature didn’t leave much margin for exceeding their already high goals.

The feature to be developed required special knowledge and experience on the existing system and some creativity to bypass some physical and logical constraints that were preventing the access to the sharing mode NSP from the other NSPs. Our main challenge was to let more than one NSP configure the sharing mode NSP, since there was only one physical channel to configure it which can be connected to only other NSP. Our solution was to use the physically connected NSP as a configuration collector/dispatcher for the other NSP.

We used my prior experience on the system to create a better fitting solution in the existing environment, including UML to design the solution, Cavium OCTEON processor, C/C++, plus we developed expertise on the OCTEON NSP. As a result, all of the NSPs involved were able to access the NSP, sharing it, with no measurable delay in the NSP lookups. We released the solution to the customer within their time requirement, even after we uncovered unforeseen obstacles.

With our persistent creativity, passion, commitment, hard work and technical skills in UML, Cavium OCTEON processor and C/C++, we were able to deliver significant results which exceeded the customer’s already high expectations.

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