Broadcom Trident II+ Switch

— M.R., Northforge Software Developer

As bandwidth requirements increase, networking companies need to keep pace in order to stay competitive. One Broadcom customer using a Trident II switch needed to upgrade their uplink capability from 10G to 100G to support their higher bandwidth needs in IPTV. They needed to support higher definition videos for 4K. To do so, this customer approached Northforge with the assignment to bring up three chips and to make sure that 100G is achieved.

In this project, Northforge did the software development to support the replacement of the BCM56307, BCM56800 and VLAN Stats FPGA with Trident II+ BCM56860 (960G) chip. We added the Broadcom GearBox (82790) for 100G fiber connectivity and modified the Broadcom SDK to support VxWorks 6.9. In addition, we provided APIs for the ZebOS stack to program the hardware and ported the old chip set code from SDK 5.6.3 to SDK 6.4.11. With this work, their uplink capability was increased to 100G.

To accomplish this result, you need lots of experience with Broadcom’s SDK. That’s experience that’s hard to find. That’s where my experience as an SDK developer at Broadcom comes into play. I have the architecture expertise and know how to pull it all together. It would take other software developers much, much longer to achieve, if at all. That’s why my 12 years of software development experience made a big difference for this Broadcom customer.

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