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OpenStack Virtualized Network Simply Explained

This is the final blog in the OpenStack Cloud software platform series. This blog gathers some of the most interesting and up to date information available regarding OpenStack’s virtualized network. OpenStack Virtualized Network It is essential that an application understand how...
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OpenStack Metrics Simply Explained

This is the second blog in OpenStack software platform series.  This blog gathers some of the most interesting and up to date information regarding OpenStack performance metrics. OpenStack Metrics A cloud deployment environment changes as commodity hardware is seamlessly added or...
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OpenStack Simply Explained

Northforge has created a 3 part blog series that looks at some of the most interesting and up to date information available on the internet regarding the OpenStack software platform. OpenStack is a collection of open source projects that can provide cloud management of network...

Network Traffic Increase and NP based DPI

The ubiquity of connected devices is putting demands on networks to deliver more data packets ever faster. Your smartphone, tablet vehicle, television, home and even your medical device depend on the network and its ability to operate efficiently, effectively and securely....
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What Does CSCF (Call Session Control Function) Do in Your IMS Network?

The CSCF (Call Session Control Function) is a collection of functional capabilities that play an essential role in the IMS core network. The CSCF is responsible for the signaling controlling the communication of IMS User Equipment (UE) with IMS enhanced services across different...

A Comparison of VOIP Platforms: Asterisk vs. FreeSWITCH

Voice over IP (VOIP) is both a technique and a technology for communicating by transmitting voice and multimedia over IP as sessions. It is often at the core of internet telephony applications, and provides signaling, setup and audio services, among other features. Many of these...

Measuring the Business Value of Cloud Computing

Source: Treadway, John, April 26, 2013. “Measuring the Business Value of Cloud Computing.”  http://www.cloudtp.com/measuring-the-business-value-of-cloud-computing/ My favorite and least favorite question I get is the same: “Can you help me build a business case and...

Advancing Network and Security Performance

Source: Smith, Matt,  May 17, 2013. “Advancing Network and Security Performance.” http://blog.smartbear.com/performance/advancing-network-and-security-performance/ While server virtualization has actually been available for more than a decade, many IT professionals...

IMS: Delivering Multimedia over Next Generation Networks

The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is a standard based ALL IP next generation network architecture framework.  It enables openness, flexibility, adaptability, functional reusability, policy access and charging controls for the delivery of legacy and innovative services across...

Puzzled Over a Cloud Launch?

Puzzled over how to approach a cloud application or migration – Consider an RPM – Rapid Prototype Model Preparing to migrate your technology application the cloud is challenging and in some cases absolutely puzzling. Conceptualizing everything from interface design to...