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Are we approaching the era of Dynamic Spectrum Auction?

In a previous blog, we talked about the 5G requirements (Latency<1 msec. and bandwidth>1 Gbps) and services that can be considered true 5G use cases. We also mentioned that 5G enabled services will require a delay time of less than 1 msec. and that to meet this requirement...
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Will 5G deliver on expectations?

The next big shift in mobile will come with greater capacity needs and with the requirement to process data much, much faster. While mobile users are still getting familiar with the capabilities of 4G, network operators will be racing to develop fifth-generation network...
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Implementing hardware accelerated IP route cache in Linux using Broadcom StrataXGS multilayer switch

By using cost-effective switching solutions, such as those from Broadcom, equipment manufacturers can reduce the cost of their solution and meet performance targets.  An L3 switch can be implemented using hardware L2 packet switching and CPU based IP forwarding. L2 data packets...
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Migration of existing applications to Cavium OCTEON using its SDK/ADK and/or Linux Kernel for acceleration

If you are developing a processor intensive network application, such as encryption/decryption, Virtual Private Networks, intrusion detection and prevention, or Network Attached Storage appliances, you’ll need a highly-integrated security and network application processor chip...
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Northforge Increases Performance of Mission Critical Device Powered by Cavium OCTEON® Processor

Making devices perform faster is always a challenge, but a challenge that drives us to develop the very best solutions.  Recently Northforge was tasked with increasing the performance of a mission critical Cavium OCTEON® -based device by a factor of 3-4X – certainly a tall order....
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What Not to Bring into the Cloud

As enterprises and service providers look to offer on-demand computing resources and need to manage large networks of virtual machines, many companies are looking to the OpenStack cloud computing platform as a way to gain the flexibility they need to design their cloud. ...
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Challenges that need to be overcome before NFV can be commercialized

In our last blog post on our three-part series on Network Functions Virtualization, commonly known as NFV, let’s look at what’s holding us back from commercializing NFV. We know that as carrier revenue growth flattens, the cost to grow network footprint and capacity will become...
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What is NFV and why is it significant to the networking industry?

June 9, 2014 – What is NFV and why is it significant to the networking industry? With the increasing number of smart phones and mobile devices, more businesses and enterprises are depending on improved network communications. Consumers are demanding more information and...
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What is OpenID and why is it important?

In today’s web environment the authentication of users is a very frequent task. Users are asked many times to enter repetitive information in order to create yet another account. But their digital identity on ad hoc systems might be only protected by a very thin security layer...

SIP Security: How Much is Enough?

Everybody wants to think that their telephone service is secure. While the security of phone communications has always been a concern for users and service providers alike, it has become an even bigger one in the Internet and VoIP era, and the recent events involving the NSA are...