Looking at OpenWrt as an option for Enterprise Routers

Looking at OpenWrt as an option for Enterprise Routers

With the Internet of Things gaining popularity, embedded devices are getting more attention. An operating system that’s also getting its share of attention is OpenWrt, an OS that’s primarily for embedded networking devices. It’s based on the Linux kernel and primarily used on...
The Surprise of NFV

The Surprise of NFV

While the expectation in the network industry was that Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) would primarily be for deployments in the cloud, in particular in data centers, the surprise is that NFV is proving to be most effective when used on virtual Customer Premise Equipment...
Upgrading from 1G

Upgrading from 1G to 25/40/100G and Beyond

The ongoing exponential growth of traffic moving through the interconnected world drives a continuous upgrade cycle for equipment in the data path and control network. For home and business subscribers, gigabit connectivity per termination is now in reach. This drives the upgrade...
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Opportunities for More Advanced SDN-based Traffic Classification

With mobile technologies, the shift to the cloud paradigm, and increased demand for content delivery networks, traffic classification is becoming more and more complex. In this blog, let’s discuss the need for more advanced traffic classification in a SDN environment. This...
Will OCP Networking Catch On?

OCP Networking — Will It Catch on Throughout the Industry?

The networking industry is starting to embrace the Open Compute Project (OCP). While it’s probably too early to speculate how OCP networking will pan out, but it is hard to contain our excitement. OCP is an industry association originating from the largest data center hardware...

Mitigating Malicious Attacks that Interrupt Network Services — Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

Attacks on networks are happening daily around the world and network operators need to protect their networks from attempts to disrupt their services. A DDoS attack is a malicious attempt from multiple sources to make a server or network resource unavailable to its intended...
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How to Improve Packet Buffering Performance with Broadcom Smart-Buffer Technology

Broadcom’s Smart Buffer Technology can provide cost effective performance scaling of cloud applications in Broadcom StrataXGS data center switches. The function of a network switch is to receive packets on an input port, apply switching and routing decisions as per the...
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The Lost Battles of Network Security

While these products and strategies that we discussed in the first post of this three-part blog series might seem comprehensive (when taken as a whole), successful attacks are still common. Security experts point out that certain basic vulnerabilities are still not addressed. In...
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How Attackers of Network Security Craft their Attack

While a network security attack will typically operate on the three phases (before, during, & after) discussed in the last blog post, the successful attacker will coordinate actions across all three phases to maximize the likelihood of success. The “before” will consist of...
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Network Security from the Perspective of Security Vendors

It seems that nearly every day there are reports of a new type of security attack or some major security breach. Many more go unreported. Overall the complexity of information technology architectures and their widely distributed nature encourage novel attack schemes which gives...