Northforge Utilizes its DPDK Expertise to Develop High-Performance NFV Data Plane Applications

Intel’s Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) has emerged as the key enabler for building the high-performance data planes needed by network functions virtualization applications. DPDK is a set of software libraries and drivers that can be integrated with virtual network functions...
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Building Integrity into your Network

In a building, each floor depends on the strength of the floors below it. Ensuring that the fifth floor is reinforced provides very little comfort if there is a structural problem on the third floor. In order to ensure that the building keeps standing, you need to reinforce every...

The XEN + DPDK Alternative to Pulling

High performance I/O from a NIC XEN and DPDK can be complementary. Clearly an EAL can be used within a VM running on top of the XEN hypervisor to provide high performance I/O from a NIC. However XEN and DPDK can also be alternatives for implementing a solution to the same...

There’s a Better Approach for Increased Performance and Efficiency

Implementing DPDK and Xen With DPDK, packet processing is performed at the application layer in the virtual machine. Receive processing is based on polling the receive interface (using the EAL) rather than on interrupts. Interrupts require a fair amount of overhead in...

Use Multiple Cores in Your General Packet Processing Model to Enhance Performance

In general, packet processing applications follow a standard regimen:     Receive a packet (Rx)     Process a packet (Proc)     Transmit a packet (Tx) The Rx part is, more or less, the same regardless of the type of packet processing. The Proc part is the heart of the...
XEN, Not Your Regular Hypervisor, and DPDK

XEN, Not Your Regular Hypervisor, and DPDK

– No host OS + paravirtualization support = performance improvement XEN is a hypervisor. A hypervisor is a supervisory program (think, operating system) that provides support for virtual machines. Parallels (Parallels), VMWare (Dell), and Virtual Box (Oracle) are all...
Packet Processing in a Virtual Environment

Hold On – There’s a More Efficient Way to do Packet Processing in Virtual Machines

First in a five-part series It is increasingly common to implement packet processing functions in virtual machines. This is what Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is all about. The most common implementation model for network functions has been to replicate the functions in...
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Speed up your development process with functionality of Broadcom StrataXGS

Are you looking to reduce costs and improve latency? The Multi Stage Content Aware Engine of the Broadcom StrataXGS allows for additional packet inspection and manipulation in the switching chip rather than using an external device like an FPGA, NPU or software on a host...
FreeSWITCH gives you options for voice and messaging services

FreeSWITCH gives you options for voice and messaging services

Let’s say you want to develop a service where a SmartHome monitoring system detects smoke and a phone call is generated to alert the homeowner. With the ability to receive external events from any monitoring software, there’s a free, open source communications software for...
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Consider MANET (Mobile Ad Hoc Network) for when you can’t do direct point-to-point

Infrastructure-less Network In last few years mobile communications have dramatically increased in popularity and usage. This growth has inspired a development of advanced communication protocols offering higher throughput and reliability over wireless links. Much of wireless...